Reiki Healing Attunement

Reiki techniques could be applied for remedial intentions. Reiki application involves inward flow of high frequency curative energies, there is difference between the period of regular reiki and at the time these energies are admitted, as these energies are more powerful in comparison to regular reiki treatment, even then hands could not be used to channelize.

Reiki treatment could be rendered to anyone who is willing to acquire benefits of the art and get connected with the healing energy, person could be benefitted without having knowledge as a practitioner, this is not a time involving activity, no cost is involved for getting benefitted with Reiki, even a person is not required to devote much time.

Reiki practitioners do not acquire healing energies during their regulated phase, the healing adjustment have variation during the period of time.

Reiki energies which are applied for healing could only be acquired on requesting, whosoever is the person, could make a request of reiki energies for themselves or any member of the family who is suffering from long term illness or could not be considered in a healthy status.

A person, who is practicing reiki, opens the central channel, hands, and feet chakras and have major focus on these areas to channel reiki. A healing energy surfaces and cleans the primary energy channel in additional to that healing energies open and clears chief individual chakras The healing energies guides the client and creates chances to work in conjugation in a mighty fashion, reiki practices could be initiated on anyone and could be practiced on several clients simultaneously, reiki practices have a limitation that these are suppose to be performed privately without any interference.

As symbols are not placed into hands, the reiki healing practices does not get initiated with the client into reiki.

Effects of Reiki Healing Attunement

  • Works on Causes
  • Develops Positive Attitude
  • Releases Stress
  • Balances Energy and Chakras
  • Increases Energy
  • Enhances Personal growth
  • Expands Creativity
  • Heals Body, Mind, Spirit


Reiki Effects

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