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  • Date : October 25, 2016
  • Name : Kashish Wadhwani
  • Profession : Student
  • Country :
  • Comment : Firstly I want to say thanks to you for this unbelievable experience. I will surely join next reiki class. The tips and learning ways of yours are awesome. The atmosphere of the class was very good. It is like we are simply surrounded by positive vibes. Thank you !!! again for this lovely experience.

  • Date : June 11, 2016
  • Name : Aditya Singh
  • Profession : Network Engineer
  • Country :
  • Comment : I felt fortunate to be a present in the awesome deeply relaxing meditative healing. It is just like connecting god. Tons of thanks to dear Swamiji.

  • Date : October 25, 2016
  • Name : Deepa Punjabi
  • Profession : Spritual healer
  • Country :
  • Comment : I felt really good. Mani ji is really experienced master. im very satisfied. Management is good. I would like to come again and learn more from him.

  • Date : January 20, 2016
  • Name : Cari Peck
  • Profession :
  • Country : USA
  • Comment : I was extremely comfortable in your home, and really enjoyed experiencing Reiki healing, I had really bad shoulder pain but most of the pain has subsided after this healing. During the healing process, I felt extremely relaxed and I felt positive energy throughout my body. What a great spiritual experience. Thanks you so much.

  • Date :
  • Name : Bonnet Laurie
  • Profession :
  • Country : France
  • Comment : This Reiki treatment was a beautiful experience. I felt relaxed. The flow of energy was very powerful. I felt my cells was vibrated in all my body. It was a physical, educational and spiritual experience- Reiki is a wonderful experience for my body and my higher soul. May this energy of life, this energy of love be felt by everybody. Devmani is a great teacher, he takes care of your understanding and try to manage his best for this training being as perfect as it must be. He is very helpful and kind. Thank you so much. With Love & light. 14 feb 2015

  • Date :
  • Name : Mike Eleason
  • Profession : Jr. Couturier
  • Country : Canada
  • Comment : I felt blessed to have received the Reiki 1 teachings on a one on one manner directly in your home. I learned a lot and I am hopeful for becoming a better person thanks to Reiki and its principles. I felt really taken care of, really respected and special. Thank you very much. The attunement was an experience of a lifetime, I hope we can meet again for Reiki 2.

  • Date : May 30, 2015
  • Name : Yogi Sachdev
  • Profession : Actor
  • Country : India
  • Comment : Every thing was so positive with sir. Hats off to him, he is doing such a tremendous job in his life. I am so happy to meet him and grateful that he took my Reiki class. Thank you so much sir.

  • Date : May 30, 2014
  • Name : Mangesh Prahlad Kulkarni
  • Profession : Manager
  • Country : India
  • Comment : I heard about Reiki since 15-18 years back but didn’t get a chance to learn Reiki. I came Udaipur for my Law Exams. By way of friends I learned about Swamiji, he is a Reiki Master as well as expert in meditation. I talk with him and joined basic course of Reiki, and I am surprised as well as I feel lucky, Two days reiki session ended. I am charged fully with knowledge of reiki as well swamiji knowledge of spiritual. His way to see life, lot of things I learnt from swamiji. Which is helpful in our day to day life. I will try to learn more in Reiki with Swamiji within short period.

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