Distance Healing

The Reiki healing can also be done to a person who is not physically present near the healer. This is done by the technique of distance healing.

To perform distance healing, a healer must know the recipient’s name, location, condition, or what they look like.

On a pre determined time healer with the help of distance Reiki symbols will send the Reiki healing energy to the recipient.

On the other hand the recipient has to just sit or lie down comfortably at a spot where there is lesser disturbance and no loud noises, have a feeling of accepting the Reiki with complete trust and faith towards the healer and Reiki energy.

In distance healing the Reiki energy acts and effects at par with any other form of healing.


Distance Healing

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“You don’t have to believe in Reiki, For it to have a deep effect on you.
You don’t have to believe, That a fruit is delicious in order to enjoy it.”

” As most things in life, Reiki must be experienced to be appreciated.
May your exploration of Reiki be a joyous one ! “

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